Jessica Ridenour :: Freelance Writer
Although Jessica Ridenour lives in the sprawling megalopolis of LA, she not-so-secretly longs to one day hole up in the wilderness, with nary a Starbucks in sight. Until the day she can finally replace traffic jams and smog with babbling streams and starry nights, she writes about the environment and anything remotely related to it, including health, sustainability and holistic lifestyles. Her work has appeared in Whole Life Times, Women's Adventure and Energy Times, among others. In her free time, Jessica enjoys yoga, hiking, biking, surfing and snowboarding, although not necessarily all in the same day.
Jessicas past lives include stints as assistant editor at LA-based Yogi Times magazine, editorial assistant at Foam and Water magazines in Newport Beach, and proofreader and calendar editor with Whole Life Times. She studied print and broadcast journalism at UCLA and holds a BA in psychology from Kent State University.